10-05-2011 | Cover of The Rodder's Journal #52

The subscriber cover of TRJ #52 features Ryan Reed’s ’37 Ford Standard coupe. The article explains all of the subtleties that make this coupe so much more than a “quickie hot rod” as one may first assume. Ryan spent a great deal of time and energy on the less-noticeable details. The most impressive of which is the stance. He specifically built everything else to fit where he wanted the wheels and tires to sit inside the fenders. And as Pat comments about his ride in the car, “not only does nothing rub, bang, squeak, or rattle, but it starts, stops, turns, and rides surprisingly smooth at speed on the freeway or negotiating rough rural roads.”

Get your copy at local newsstands or online at http://www.roddersjournal.com

Forward any inquries in giving your hot rod a new look or
interest in a full build to Ryan Reed at REEDSRIDESIGNS@gmail.com

The Rodders Journal #52 Cover A

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